Open Innovation

Galois follows the open innovation model for R&D to keep up with disruptive technology advancements. We develop cutting edge capabilities and work to license the capabilities broadly to existing product providers. In other words, we are not a product company–we transition technology developed from our R&D efforts to organizations who will most benefit from it. And, being true to our stewardship principle, we care deeply about real-world use of our R&D efforts that can be leveraged across multiple government and industry projects.  

As a technology transition agent, we sit firmly between the research and deployed solution communities, bridging the gap between laboratory promise and operational use. This allows us to efficiently discover new approaches to solve business-critical and urgent challenges through deep collaboration with solution providers. It also allows us to add value to research communities by providing excellent research capability, and applying our deployment focus to demonstrate feasibility of critical technology in operational contexts. This helps to reduce the risk, cost and time-to-market of developing advanced technologies to product providers.   

Open Culture

We call our organizational model the "Collaborative Web." The Web is not a traditional static hierarchical structure; instead, it is organic, decentralized, and flat. We believe this organizational model facilitates innovation and is thus crucial to our mission. We strive to be true to the principles of the Collaborative Web, which are:

  • Transparency—The right information is available to those that need it.
  • Results—The focus is always on what is produced, not the activities involved in the production. 
  • Accountability and Authority—Authority resides with those accountable for producing the results. Mistakes are expected and acknowledged. Risk is anticipated and accepted. The only egregious errors are not seeking advice and not disclosing mistakes.
  • Care for the Web—Everyone is accountable for the operation of the Collaborative Web, and the well being of the community. 

Open Source at Galois

The open source culture, much like Galois’ own organizational model, thrives on the power of collaboration. Galois benefits from advances made in the open source community and we strive to continually give back, making much of our software freely available to others. View a list of our open source contributions here.