Transition Support

Galois is a technology transition company. We know it is not enough to simply generate innovative ideas — we are committed to transitioning our technology out of the lab and into the hands of users. We are strongly driven to realize the industrial potential of promising technologies; with creative and flexible licensing terms, we are continually building a path for commercialization through new and existing strategic partnerships.

In our role of transition support, we offer thought leadership and unmatched technical expertise, built around our core capabilities in:

  • Formal methods: Galois is a world-leader in the use of applied formal methods in the development of high assurance software, with experts in the use of theorem proving and model checking for software verification.
  • Language design and analysis: world-leader in the design and use of languages and language tools to solve difficult problems in software security and safety, including the development of domain-specific languages, and tools for static and dynamic analysis of software.

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