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Does the thought of a system failure or data security breach keep you awake at night? New features for systems introduce system dependency, interconnectivity and data management risks. Added to this complexity, external challenges from a deluge of cyber attacks is making data security even more difficult.

With such diverse and dispersed challenges, impacts are inevitable:

  • Business disruption
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Policy or legal compliance failure
  • Critical data loss or leakage
  • National security threats
  • Reputation damage
  • Physical harm
  • Lawsuits

How do you begin to build a solution? Starting from scratch with a new system is neither feasible nor affordable, and a patchwork approach can't keep up with plugging all the holes.

Galois can provide tools, technologies and approaches that get to the core of system security and help you address your needs. 

We deliver value.

"These are the right problems, you have the right people, and now is the right time."

  - Anonymous (why?) government client

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