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We make cutting-edge research a reality through practical techniques and approaches. 


Galois is able to make significant contributions in a wide range of problem spaces because similar analytic techniques apply to each of them. Many problem spaces have many details that are extraneous to the fundamental issues and that hinder progress. By applying techniques of abstraction and structural mathematics, we are able to access the core issues and address them directly.

A common approach at Galois is to use functional programming and formal methods techniques to construct executable models of the problem space. This gives us rapid access to an "in-principle" working solution, which allows us to test our understanding of the problem space. The models allow us to explore multiple solutions very rapidly, and the feedback from potential solutions in turn helps to guide refinement of the models. Often we are able to use these models and solutions directly in constructing a user-facing solution, where the additional details are supplied as a clean "wrapper" around the core solution. 

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