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• Express routing and configuration rules concisely

• Write device-independent rules to configure mixed-device networks


Improperly configured computer networks can exhibit poor performance, are subject to attack by malicious agents, and are vulnerable to outages. Indeed, it has been estimated that nearly half of network outages are due to misconfiguration. Errors in configuring networks are common, as standard protocols have become increasingly complex over the years and the effect of altering various parameters is not completely understood.

The Nettle technology addresses this by simplifying the expression of routing policies and automating the process of translating policies into a set of device-specific configurations. Key to Nettle is a family of domain-specific languages (DSLs) for expressing high-level network routing policies. A complete local configuration is defined in a Nettle DSL, then compiled into vendor-specific scripts and distributed to the individual routers in the network. A single source file reduces implementation errors between different routers, provides a centralized place to define and modify policy, and facilitates checking for local and global anomalies.

Nettle components are available as open source packages: nettle-frp and nettle-openflow.

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