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Isaac Potoczny-Jones


Research and Engineering
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At Galois and Tozny

Passwords are past their prime. Users are buried under the weight of too many passwords, and most of us constantly struggle with these password conundrums: Simple passwords are easy to guess, but complex passwords are hard to remember. Writing passwords down means not having to remember them, but it also means they might get stolen. Sharing passwords between accounts means that if one account has a password database spill, all the accounts are compromised.

We founded Tozny to solve the password connundrum. Your phone is the key: Easier and more secure than Passwords, Tozny replaces passwords with an easy-to-use cryptographic key on your mobile phone.

More generally, I have a fascination with both security and collaboration. As an open source developer, I thrive on openness and the "need-to-share" mindset, but some environments also have a "need-to-know" mandate.  My mission here at Galois is to find innovative solutions for secure information sharing, and to see those solutions adopted. I lead the Assured Information Sharing program at Galois.

My Background

I'm a member of the Haskell open source community, where I was the first developer and maintainer of Cabal. I'm also a member of the Debian community, where I was one of the implementors of APT's secure package download framework. I've been a professional Haskell developer for a while now, but before that, I worked at Ohio State University and Cisco Systems. I am currently studying for a master's degree in Cybersecurity at University of Maryland, University College.


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