Information Security

Guarantee to your customers that you have secured the privacy of their information and that it is being delivered to the right people at the right time.

An effective computer security risk assessment must be integrated into an organization's overall risk management framework. Information security impacts all facets of your organization, from internal confidentiality to external competition to government regulatory compliance. As a result, you must perform a thorough analysis to determine what security implementations you need and where you need them.

Our team of information security experts works with you to assess your organization's risks -- both from a high level as well as a technical level -- and provides solutions to mitigate them. We measure your risk tolerance and determine which of your IT systems are most valuable in order to help you implement the most effective and efficient security controls that target your organization's needs. Determining which security controls to implement involves a complex web of factors that impact return on investment, so we apply established standards -- including NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-37 -- to federal information systems, as well as to information systems within large and small commercial enterprises. This framework consists of several steps:

  • Categorize the level of impact of the information system.
  • Select a set of security controls to protect the system.
  • Implement those security controls.
  • Assess the effectiveness of those controls.
  • Authorize the deployment of the system.
  • Monitor the system in an ongoing way. 

These steps include the calculation of risk in terms of its inputs: the threats against the system, the likelihood of those threats, the existence of vulnerabilities that can be exploited, and the impact of the threats.

Using this framework, we can help your organization develop a risk-based decision model for implementation of security features and products, wherein we weigh security threats, the impact of those threats, vulnerabilities, and security controls. We can provide a broad and detailed set of technical recommendations that depend on the security goals of your organization and can help with further development and refinement of the risk analysis, or with recommendations for a larger-scale system redesign.

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