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Cryptography Use Cases

Use Cases

• Quickly explore different time/space tradeoffs for cryptographic implementations

• Prove correctness of different implementations from a single specification

• Certification of crypto software and hardware


High-speed encryption that's automatically retargetable and provably correct.

Ensure your encryption solution protects your business- and mission-critical information. Through the use of our cryptography technologies, you can construct cryptographic software for a variety of platforms with ease, reliability, and high assurance.

High-speed, cost-saving AES:
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

In partnership with Rockwell Collins, Galois produced a high-speed embedded Cryptographic Equipment Application (CEA) that significantly reduces the lifecycle costs of chip design and cryptographic verification.


Crypto algorithms as easy as writing software:
Compiler Targeting (FPGAs)

Program cryptographic algorithms on FPGAs as if you were writing software, thus reducing development time and associated costs.


Capture cryptographic specifications, verify cryptographic implementations:

Designing cryptographic hardware correctly, while trading off time, space, and power, is expensive and time-consuming. Verifying that a hardware implementation implements a cryptographic algorithm specification correctly is equally challenging. The Cryptol domain-specific language (DSL) tool suite offers compelling assurance of hardware correctness by providing direct compilation of abstract cryptographic algorithms into the industry-standard VHDL and Verilog hardware description languages. Cryptol tools can also verify equivalence of crypto algorithm specifications, and equivalence of HDL and Cryptol descriptions.


Verify software equivalence:
Software Analysis Workbench (SAW)

The Software Analysis Workbench (SAW) provides analysts with the ability to extract formal models from programs, and analyze them using a variety of automated reasoning tools.