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CD-RSS Benefits


• Secure multi-level and cross-domain RSS service

• Timely access to news and events online

• Designed for groups collaborating on secure data

Cross-Domain RSS (CD-RSS)

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an open standard publish-subscribe protocol for change notification of events or data, commonly used to allow users to maintain a kind of situational awareness across many web sites. The Cross-Domain RSS (CD-RSS) system provides a secure multi-level and cross-domain RSS routing, filtering, search and subscription service, ensuring timely access to news and events online. It is designed for groups collaborating on secure data, giving users the ability to aggregate across protected resources without relaying private security credentials to those endpoints. The CD-RSS is itself a single level component, designed for integration with a cross-domain component such as the Trusted Services Engine or Multi-Domain Dissemination System.

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