Galois' Core Principles

Who is Galois? What kind of company are we? By calling out our shared core principles, they serve to define what we aspire to be, and help to guide the decisions we make.

No law or ordinance is mightier than understanding.  Plato

Cherish learning and innovation.

Innovation is our key offering, and continual, shared learning fuels this innovation. We invest in learning and innovation for the value they create for our clients, for the growth they offer us as a learning organization, and for the intrinsic fulfillment they provide.

Hold to authenticity.

We are authentic in the work we do, in the relationships we have and the decisions we make. Every day, people at Galois are seeking meaning and depth and avoiding superficiality. We make decisions and choices consciously and explicitly, rather than allowing ourselves to be swept along by events. We find satisfaction in knowing we have an impact, that we are making a significant contribution to other people.

Pursue deep trust.

We seek out what matters to others and work to build trust in all of our interactions, with our clients, partners and with each other. Trust pervades our organization. We care about what matters to others, their goals and purpose. We want our clients and partners to trust us, to be able to trust the decisions we make on their behalf.


We develop and nurture ideas and technologies for the common good as well as the benefit they bring to our business directly. This sense of stewardship guides how we use the resources we control, and what we do with the opportunities laid in front of us. We also see ourselves as accountable, committed and involved with each other. Because our business is of the people, by the people, for the people, we do not waste the talent with which we are entrusted, whether our own or other’s. We aspire to be a place where people can grow interdependently, and pursue excellence and creativity.

Pursue joy at work.

Work is a source of deep satisfaction and meaning; a place where we can freely offer our skills and talents to the mutual benefit of Galois and ourselves.