Demonstrate regulatory and standards compliance and gain a competitive advantage. Use our tools to generate strong evidence that your systems are sound.

Compliance is complex and cumbersome. You need flexible systems that can help manage the following challenges:

  • Identifying reportable transactions or events
  • Reporting requirements that involve submitting accurate data
  • Understanding critical systems and dependencies
  • Data governance
  • Validation and control
  • Managing data volumes

Mitigate risk and gain a competitive advantage by being able to strongly demonstrate compliance, and sleep soundly at night by knowing your systems are reliable. We build tools to support regulatory compliance of software for the full range of the stack, whether it be user-facing tools that track identity, digital policy management, or verifying embedded software systems.

We apply mathematically based techniques through which we generate strong evidence that your business rules, system design, or code module is sound. Whatever your compliance need — whether it be FDA adverse event reporting, HIPAA, medical device software, automotive software, complying with DO-178B standards for airborne software systems, or evolving cyber security standards — we provide trust at all levels.

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