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Compiler Targ Benefits


• Rapid design cycle

• Accelerated certification

• High-performance design creation

Compiler Targeting (FPGAs)

Galois' Cryptol language allows engineers to synthesize hardware designs from high-level specification, including full verification at each refinement stage of the design. It allows engineers and mathematicians to program cryptographic algorithms on FPGAs as if they were writing software. A Cryptol reference specification can serve as the formal documentation for a cryptographic module, eliminating the need for separate and voluminous English descriptions.

Cryptol is fully executable, allowing designers to experiment with their programs incrementally as their designs evolve. Cryptol compilers can generate C, C++, and Haskell software implementations, and VHDL or Verilog HDL hardware implementations. These tools significantly reduce overall life-cycle costs by addressing the key cost drivers in the deployment of cryptographic solutions. 

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