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Portland Next Week: ICFP PC Functional Programming Workshop

The ICFP 2009 PC team will be in Portland next week, and PSU is holding a free one day functional programming workshop to conincide with the meeting: the ICFP PC Functional Programming Workshop. The program has talks from leading researchers in language design and functional programming:
  • Algebra of Programming using Dependent Types. Shin-Cheng Mu (Academia Sinica)
  • Realizability Semantics of Parametric Polymorphism, General References, and Recursive Types.Lars Birkedal (IT University of Copenhagen)
  • A Compiler on a Page.Kristoffer Rose (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)
  • A Proof Theory for Compilation.Atsushi Ohori (Tohoku University)
  • Data Parallelism in Haskell.Manuel Chakravarty (University of New South Wales)
  • Push-down control-flow analysis of higher-order programs. Matthew Might (University of Utah)
  • Slicing It: indexed containers in Haskell.Conor McBride (University of Strathclyde)
The event is on the PSU campus. See the workshop home for directions.See you there!

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