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Bluespec SystemVerilog

Rishiyur Nikhil, CTO of Bluespec, Inc. will be giving a tech talk on Thursday, October 2nd, at 10.30am, about Bluespec SystemVerilog.Abstract

Over the past few years, several projects in major companies have been adopting BSV (Bluespec SystemVerilog) as their next-generation tool of choice for IP design, modeling (for both architecture exploration and early software development), and verification enviroments.The reason for choosing BSV is its unique combination of:

  1. excellent computation model for expressing complex concurrency and communication, based on atomic transactions and atomic transactional inter-module methods

  2. very high level of abstraction and parameterization (principally inspired by Haskell)

  3. full synthesizability, enabling execution on FPGAs, obtaining better performance (3 to 4 orders of magnitude) and scalability than software simulation at comparable levels of detail.

In this presentation, I will provide a brief technical overview of BSV (points 1-3 above), and describe several customer projects using BSV. I will also briefly contrast BSV with other approaches to High Level Synthesis (particularly those based on C/C++/SystemC).

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