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• Replaces insecure passwords with more secure authentication

• Provides convenience of mobile authentication while maintaining security

• Offers another piece of evolutionary DNA to authentication systems of the future

Animate Login

Passwords are past their prime. Users are buried under the weight of too many passwords, and most of us constantly struggle with competing needs for simplicity versus security.

Animate Login replaces passwords with mobile phones and replaces typing passwords with scanning a barcode on that phone. The phone uses two-dimensional barcodes to make a link between the user’s browser session and the physical presence of the user, then utilizes the phone’s Internet connection to send a long and complex shared secret to the web site to prove the user is who he/she claims to be.

Animate Login includes three components: the protocol, the mobile app, and the server-side software. We have developed a prototype implementation of the system using Android. This approach can be deployed with minimal changes to web sites.

The area of authentication is experiencing great strides in innovation, including physical tokens like personal identity verification (PIV) cards, random number generators, and single-sign-on tools like Open ID and Facebook Connect. Animate Login does not seek to replace all of these promising innovations, but if successful, it will provide another piece of evolutionary DNA that will become a part of authentication systems of the future. Our goal is to spread the Animate Login approach so that users have a more convenient and secure option for logging into web sites on their computers. We want to make it available to anyone who wants it, and so our prototype code is already available online.

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