Advanced Development

Ranging from building threat models for cross-domain systems, to designing secure architectures for Web 2.0 collaboration, to implementing trusted compilers for secure network communications, our experience is broad, and our methods are applicable to a range of development challenges. We are well-versed in all phases of systems engineering, and we know how to “build-in trustworthiness” throughout the project lifecycle.

Galois is a pioneer in the commercial use of functional languages, such as Haskell, to build critical software systems. The use of these languages by trained developers can offer an order of magnitude increase in development speed and robustness over traditional approaches, giving us the ability to do rapid prototyping while eliminating the potential for many typical software vulnerabilities.

Given our strong drive to realize the potential of promising technologies, we can also work with you to license pre-existing technologies in conjunction with the R&D services we provide.

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