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• The US Intelligence Community
• Army
• Navy
• Air Force
• The Office of the Secretary of Defense
• Department of Homeland Security
• Department of Energy
• Commercial clients including Fortune 500 companies

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About Galois

Leaders in high assurance research and development. We create trustworthiness in critical systems.

Galois is a U.S. owned and operated company that was founded in 1999 in Portland, Oregon to provide a unique R&D capability for government and commercial clients. Galois applies revolutionary mathematical, computer science and engineering approaches to solve critical problems in software security, safety, privacy and performance. Galois has been instrumental in bringing cutting edge research into practice for the DoD, DoE, Intelligence, and aerospace communities.

Galois is driven by our belief in the potential for software innovation through the use of advances in language design and formal methods. Galois has broad expertise in areas such as

Mission Statement

Galois’ mission is to create trustworthiness in critical systems. We take innovative ideas and turn them into real-world technology solutions through a combination of applied research and engineering. We work with clients in government and industry to develop solutions that have significant impact on assuring safety, security, and privacy.

Galois' Core Principles

Our shared core principles stand for our aspirations and help guide the decisions we make.


Our Name

Évariste Galois (pronounced GAL-wah, 1811-1832) possessed a remarkable genius for mathematics. Among his many contributions, Galois founded abstract algebra and group theory, which are fundamental to computer science, physics, coding theory, and cryptography. Our approach to solving challenging software problems is reflective of Galois’ way of solving mathematical problems. We employ processes that rework clients’ software problems to develop an array of possible solutions not traditionally available via other methods. Galois’ contributions are even more remarkable in light of the fact that many were captured as hastily scribbled notes on the eve of his untimely death in a duel.